Hi! Everyone I’m Hugo, one of the member in BPS HelpDesk.My job is help you solve question that had during the school year, and I will also post weekly reflection about some tips for using smart devices. hope this will help you.

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About Myself

As part of the Help Desk, let me introduce myself. My name is Hu Jinzhen and I come from China. Since it’s not easy to pronounce, Hugo will be my other name. I’m a senior in the class of 2017. I’m a huge fan of Apple, and I think a lot of you guys may be the same, and that’s one of reasons that I chose this class. The second reason is that I’m new here and I really want to make a lot of friends. Since a lot of you may have problems with all these devices, I maybe can get to know half of the school and that is a very good opportunity for me. So if you don’t mind, come hang out with me. My class is the 7th period class, depending on the day. I love Apple products (for sure), eating, music, science, talking (maybe) and apple (the fruit). For a career, I have no idea. In ending, it’s really nice to be here! (Pardon my grammar, I’m still learning yet).

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